Large & small vaulted hall

The approximately 190 square meters large vaulted hall, a preserved "Bohemian vault", was built by an Italian master mason in 1885 when the former "Itakerhofs" was established.

Meanwhile, the vault has become an attractive architectural rarity since there are not many bricklayers left who have mastered this craft.

The large hall is very versatile. Whether as a hall with dance floor and seating, as large corporate and meeting room, or an auditorium with stage and modern technology. Of course, the vaulted hall can also be divided into a large or small hall - depending on the size of the event.

With set tables, it can accommodate 130 people, with the addition of a dance floor, 140 people.

The small separated half of the hall can accommodate 40 guests, which the larger half of the hall can hold 80 guests with set tables.