Menu Suggestions

Indulgence without limits for everyone

A little glimpse into our menu suggestions:

3-course Menu I

Clear beef bouillon
with Bratstrudel (rolled-up pancakes stuffed with sausage meat)
* * *
Bavarian roast suckling pig
with Bock beer sauce and small dumplings,
with cabbage salad with bacon
* * *
Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

€ 19,50

3-course Menu II

Tomato cream soup
with a dab of creme fraîche
* * *
Pork tenderloin with a herb crust
with Mediterranean vegetables
and duchess potatoes
* * *
Panna cotta with raspberry sauce
€ 21,50

3-course Menu III

Wedding soup with
semolina dumplings, pancakes, and liver spaetzle
* * *
Pink roast pork tenderloin
with Mediterranean vegetables
and butter spaetzle
* * *
3 pieces of apple fritters with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 23,00

3-course Menu IV

Musquee de Provence pumpkin cream soup
with seeds and Styrian pumpkin seed oil
* * *
Goulash from local venison
in juniper cream with red cabbage and apple
and pretzel dumplings
* * *
Chestnut parfait
€ 23,00

4-course Menu I

Home-marinated Caipirinha salmon
on potato rösti with lime dip
* * *
Chestnut cream soup with croutons
* * *
Medallions of veal tenderloin
on fine sage tagliolini
with king prawns and Barolo sauce
* * *
Wintry baked apple stuffed with raisins and marzipan
€ 34,80

4-course Menu II

Crispy lamb's lettuce with bacon dressing
with bread cubes and matchstick potatoes
* * *
Kohlrabi cream soup with beetroot chips
* * *
Duet of Barbary duck breast and corn poulard
on lemongrass skewers with ratatouille
with rosemary potatoes
* * *
Toblerone mousse with brittle leafs on roast apple ragout
€ 32,80